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wear, love, pass me on....

wear, love, pass me on....
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In creating our brand and initial collection we were very conscious that we didn't want to add to the problem of a world that embraces fast, throwaway fashion.

We thought long and hard about how we could achieve this whilst balancing out the desire to create a business that adds value and our ideas ended up being the driving force in how we created our brand and clothing range.

Our garments have longevity, and get softer with each wash. Colours and designs are created to be gender neutral allowing them to be passed down to siblings, friends and across genders.

Our 'wear, love, pass me on' mantra, is sewn into the neck of every garment.  We love the fact that as our garments get passed on that each one can tell a story of its own.

Create your story today - and encourage your little tribe to wear, love and pass on.....


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