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Our Little Tribe Ethos

Our Little Tribe Ethos
We are a small brand, but we have big ambitions.
We want our little tribe to care for the world around them, and have a positive impact on their environment.
So, we use organic cotton, which restricts the use of harmful chemicals during the farming of our cotton. We use certified organic dyes in the production of our fabrics, and work with factories who ensure good working conditions and good wages for their employees.
Our Organic credentials are soon to certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to provide a credible assurance as to our manufacturing processes as a business.
We have designed our collections to include reversible items, to ensure your little tribe can have maximum use out of each piece. We encourage our customers to ‘wear, love and pass me on’ to the next little tribe, and use high quality, durable fabrics to enable you to do so.
Our long term ambition is that some of our collections will be made out of factory stock fabric, so leftover fabric from other brands. We love the idea of utilizing what others see as waste.
Building a better world for Our Little Tribe bit by bit.

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